WITCH vs DEVIL | Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 20 Review/Analysis

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Hector, Devil/Warlock of Melancholy, attacks the Sanctuary. Roswaal is almost killed after trying to protect the Witch of Greed, Echidna.

I hope you enjoy my review of Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 20 AKA Re:Zero Episode 45.

Echidna kisses Roswaal in a flashback, and Subaru learns that the Sanctuary's true purpose was to protect Echidna from a new character named Hector. When Hector attacked the Sanctuary, Ryuzu sacrificed herself to activate the barrier. Roswaal may as well have sacrificed himself too, because Hector defeated him with little effort. Finally, Hector found his target, Echidna. The results of their fight is unknown, but Echidna (and Roswaal) both survived, and Hector was never heard from again. Beatrice loses her best friend as the barrier is activated. After learning about his past, Subaru confronts Roswaal and rejects his ideologies. The argument then evolves into one of the best scenes of this season.

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