We Failed To Build The Next Wall - Building a Tiny House

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Things don't go as planned and preparations take far more time as expected!

The making off a Tiny Home / Log Cabin / Cordwood Cabin


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After school I worked at a bank and started a company, as this was what I thought I was supposed to do. I did not like my life at all and after a long decision making process I decided to take a jump in the deep. I sold my house and stored my stuff and found a job opportunity in South Africa. A world I never could have imagined opened up for me, traveling and working at the same time. Before heading back to my home country, The Netherlands, I started an "acting for theatre and film" evening course, with the intention to learn to become a better presenter in business. As I was still pursuing what I thought I was supposed to do, business. To my surprise I really enjoyed the acting training and decided to change my idea of what I was supposed to do and what not and continued an acting school in NYC. When finished studying, my application for a US work visa was denied because I didn't already have proof of many jobs done in the industry (of course not! I was just starting out). A friend of mine was into sailing and through him I found out that people sailed around the world and made money by making YouTube videos. I knew nothing about sailing, but travel around the world was always my dream and sailing on other peoples boats seemed a cheap and adventurous way to achieve that. I fell in love with making a travelvlog and have never stopped doing it since. I lived a year on sailing boats sailing around the world but after crossing the pacific I felt it was time to do something else. I cycled New Zealand from top to bottom, drove a $200 motorbike through South-East Asia, sold it for $300 and drove a van from Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan which I then shipped to Argentina to drive to Alaska doing the vanlife. Due to Covid 19 I temporarily came back to Europe and now I'm building #offgrid a #logcabin in Spain as a project until South America is fully open again. I enjoy #woodworking and I have not had a real home in years and look forward having a place on this earth again. I'm incredibly grateful that I am able to do something I love every day and thankful for everyone who joins me on this journey.
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