Tuesday Morning Tropical Update: Paulette, Renee and possible development near East Coast

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Things are heating up again in the tropics and this is normal as we approach the peak of the season on September 10th.

Tropical Storm Paulette is getting a little stronger with winds up to 50 mph in the central Atlantic. The forecast calls for it to get stronger the next 2 days before it starts battling strong wind shear. This will cause it to weaken as it turns from the west to the north in a few days and stay out at sea.

Tropical Storm Rene has a well-defined circulation, but it remains disorganized as it moves over the Cabo Verde Islands today. It is forecast to become better organized and develop into a hurricane in 2-3 days. It will stay out in the Atlantic.

Low pressure, Invest 94L, is sitting southwest of Bermuda. It is moving to the west and has a medium chance to develop into a tropical system over the next 5 days as it moves toward the Carolinas.

Lastly, there is a tropical wave that will emerge off Africa by Thursday. Slow development is expected once it moves over water. A tropical depression could form this weekend as it moves to the west across the far eastern Atlantic.

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