Troublemaker Day on Far Cry Arcade!!, and Decimal's 11th and 12th Map (04/01/21)

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This is Troublemaker Day for April 2021. Ever play a map that just uses the same character models over and over again? Well this one takes it to the extreme!

- The primary enemy is called "FOLLOWER: BADASS" (They wear Troublemaker T-Shirts). They can be used unlimitedly.
- Animals and Troublemaker Allys can also be used unlimitedly. But Animals cannot be made Bounty Targets.
- 1 Joseph Seed, 1 Joseph Shirtless, 1 John Coat, 1 John Seed, 1 Jacob, and 1 of each Angel type can be present on the map.
- No other enemy types can be present other than what's stated above.
- No vehicles.
- Game Over Conditions set as "Standard" and no countdown.
- Posting date of April 1.

All maps that meet this criteria will receive a "like" regardless of whether or not it's good. Let the troublemaking begin!
If you are only here for Decimal's 11th and 12th map, see "Troublemaker Nature" and "Troublemaker Holy".

0:00 - Setting up (skip this)
4:54 - Troublemaker Nature
9:55 - Troublemaker Fire
31:49 - Troublemaker Earth
1:21:25 - Troublemaker Wind

2:10:40 - Troublemaker Shazam
2:22:31 - Troublemaker Dark
2:20:13 - Troublemaker Aqua
2:37:14 - Troublemaker Magma
2:49:55 - Troublemakers blaze

4:02:58 - Troublemaker Roysden
4:08:40 - Troublemakers Black
4:37:40 - Troublemaker Holy


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