Top 10 Non-surviving members of preserved steam locomotive classes| Part 1 (10-5)

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Some classes of steam locomotives have had at least 1 or more of its members stand out from the rest in the days of steam, and that example might even be around today.
But it's natural with perseveration for not all members of that class to avoid being scrapped.
Now imagine a class with 1 or more survivors, but then you learn about a member that let's say made a speed record, or pulled a special train, or did something else, but that member is not a surviving example,
or in other English, got scrapped.

We all may take note a class with surviving examples but also would've liked to have seen a particular non-surviving example also be preserved too.

If I where to talk about non-survivors from classes with no surviving examples, that would just be the same as talking about extinct steam locomotive classes. So those won't be included.

This list is like an extinct steam locomotives list but instead I'm talking about a non-surviving member or 2 from a class that has at least 1 surviving member for each pick.

With all that in mind, these are 10 non surviving locomotives from preserved classes of steam locomotives.

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