The New BEAST TITAN?! Historia’s Fate Explained | Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 10 Breakdown

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This video explains episode 10 of Attack on Titan season 4, in which Historia verbally agreed to inherit Zeke’s Beast Titan but things have taken a twist. Episode 10 of AOT the Final Season is called A Sound Argument. The episode focuses on discussions between Eren and Hanji, the MPs & Armin, Mikasa, Jean and Connie. There were also some flashbacks that dislay Mikasa’s asian heritage and Eren’s changing personality. AOT ep 10 also had the proper reveal of the Iceburst Stone.

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Attack on Titan the final season
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Episode 10 of AOT the final season was called A Sound Argument.

As the commander of the survey corps, Hange came to talk to Eren because she wants to know why he went to infiltrate Marley by himself.

In the entire world there is only one nation that doesn’t despise the eldian race and that is the country of Hizuru. It’s essentially the equivalent to Japan in the world of attack on titan. Two years ago one of their ambassadors went to visit the paradis island and it was none other than Kiyomi Azumabito. She is the current head of the Azumabito clan and we’ve already seen her a couple times this season, with the most notable appearance being before the declaration of war. She went backstage to wish Willy Tybur good luck.

In the manga Mikasa had a shocked expression at seeing Kiyomi for the first time, as her facial features reminded Mikasa of her mother. Mikasa and her mother were the last descendants of an asian clan that lived on Paradis island and that clan had a special family crest which had been passed down through the generations.

During this flashback we get the reveal from Kiyomi, that it is the symbol of the Azumabito clan and Mikasa does actually have this branding on her arm in the anime. Mikasa’s hertigace is significant because it means that she is related to Kiyomi by blood.

Zeke had a secret meeting with Kiyomi long before she went to paradis island. He knew that the Azumabito clan would want to know that they had a descendant, so he initially got them to meet by promising he’d reveal information about last remaining member of their clan living on Paradis. He also reveals that on Paradis island there is a natural resource known as the iceburst stone, which is what the soldiers use to power their ODM gear.

The equipment that Zeke gave to Kiyomi used to belong to Mike zacharias.

When Zeke initially uncovered it, it was obvious that kiyomi was already aware of what it was, despite it being a top secret information within Marley. My assumption is that she must have a spy working for her in Marley, otherwise there’s no way that the existence of this gear could’ve gotten to her.

To stop enemy nations from attacking the island, Zeke needs to meet Eren so they can perform a partial rumbling with the titans in the walls. This partial rumbling will let everyone know that Paradis island is not to be messed with, giving them the time they need to build up their population and army, which will allow them to defend themselves without the rumbling in the future.

For the next 50 years they obviously need to maintain this threat of rumbling, meaning that both Eren and Zeke would eventually need to find successors.

In order for the rumbling to work, Zeke’s successor must be a person with royal blood, and by default, the only other eldian with royal blood is Historia.

Therefore Historia must inherit the beast titan from Zeke at some point and then spend her remaining years having as many royal blooded children as possible, so that the bloodline never dies out. As long as Paradis has the founding titan and a titan with royal blood, they will always have the potential to activate the rumbling.

Historia agreed to inherit the beast titan if necessary, much to Eren’s disapproval.

As time progressed, we can see that present day Eren now believes there is no way to protect the island without the help of Zeke, which is why he grew impatient and went to Marley to collect his brother.

During the episode we saw a conversation between high ranking members of the military police, which partly explains the current situation. It was their full intention that if Zeke stepped foot on the island, then they would immediately turn Historia into a pure titan and have her eat him. The reason they wanted that to happen is because they don’t believe that Zeke is really on their side and that whatever he’s planning could be stopped ONCE Historia inherits the beast titan.
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