The MOST IMPORTANT Stocks For Tomorrow! Tesla Stock

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What's up guys! Welcome back to the Stocks With Mike & Tom Show! In this episode, we go over the most important stocks for tomorrow. We saw more movement out of Bitcoin and most of the crypto market as Yellen talked about taxing it! Crypto traders are furious that the IRS will start making crypto wallet companies like Coinbase report transfers of over $10,000. This sent Bitcoin down even lower today, poor Bitcoin has has been dealing with a lot of news lately. It had negative China news yesterday, Elon news, and even now the is starting to crackdown or regulate it a bit. We will need more information but as of now it is not looking good intra-day. The good news is that the overall markets popped back as Israel and Hamas agree to a cease-fire. This is huge for the markets right now, but besides the Israel news, tech was also exploding. We are seeing a lot of the stocks that have been at support starting to rise and create a ton of opportunities like Tesla, Zoom, and more. It's hard to say but there is a lot of momentum to the upside right now, but definitely watch the $SPY and $QQQ tomorrow for more upwards movement. Thanks for watching this episode, please like and subscribe to support the channel! Also, leave any questions in the comments below and we will be sure to answer them!

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DISCLAIMER: We are not financial advisors. We are just giving our opinions. Everything said in this video is for entertainment purposes only. Do your own due diligence before making any trading or investing decisions.
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