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The Great Treasure Hunt - A blind man wants to get his mitts on a crooks' gold. He can't do it alone, so he hires the quartet of soldiers-of-fortune to help him.

The Great Treasure Hunt (1972)
Director: Tonino Ricci
Writers: Fabrizio Diotallevi (screenplay) (as Fabio Tallevi), Jesús R. Folgar (story)
Stars: Mark Damon, Rosalba Neri, Stelvio Rosi
Genres: Action | Comedy | Thriller | Western
Country: Italy | Spain
Language: English
Release Date: 7 February 1972 (Italy)
Also Known As: 5 pour l'or de los quadros
Filming Locations: Estudios Cinematografica Roma , Madrid, Spain

After committing a robbery, Sam is about to be hanged. His brother Dean contacts a Frenchman (former expert in explosives) and his attractive niece (a poker player). The three put on a scheme to make a bank robbery, just in time to disrupt Sam's hanging, and free him, too. In turn, the four are hired by Felipe, a blind Mexican interested in art painting, namely some paintings that are kept by the military dictator, El Supremo. The task would be difficult already, but it's worth as the two brothers weren't fighting each other for whatever reason, and if everybody had not ulterior motives for their acts.

"My review is of the English-dubbed, fullscreen VHS video, released in the US in the 1980s, entitled THE GREAT TREASURE HUNT. Lovable rogue Dean Madison (played by the charming Mark Damon, always good as a lovable rogue!) enlists a French munitions expert and his "niece" (played by the luscious Rosalba Neri--she and Damon would be reunited the next year in DEVIL'S WEDDING NIGHT) to help save his brother Sam, who has just been caught while robbing a bank. After that incident is resolved, about one-third of the way into the film, a blind man named Felipe is waiting for the quartet, and explains that he was kept prisoner and tortured by a mad Mexican general who has appointed himself as "El Supremo" and has built an impregnable fortress which is filled with gold. He suggests the quartet work with him to get that gold, so they head toward Mexico and thus begins the Great Treasure Hunt of the title. This is not a nihilistic, bleak Italian western--it's an entertaining caper film (really not unlike OCEAN'S ELEVEN or GRAND SLAM, but in western garb), nicely shot (except for too many unconvincing day-for-night shots), and well-acted by all the principals, especially Damon and Neri. Most of the music sounds unlike typical Italian western music (except in a few scenes), sounding more like a typical USA adventure film score. There's nothing profound or incredibly original here (although the surprise ending comes off well!), but it's an entertaining Eurowestern adventure, and those who must see as many Eurowesterns as they can will want to track down this one. As it was released on video in the USA, used rental copies can probably be found. A pleasant surprise! Damon appeared in many other excellent Eurowesterns, and of course went on to great success as a producer and film executive, capacities in which he still works as of this writing (check his producer filmography to see the many hits he's been involved with!). However, he's still a star as an actor in my house, and much of his European output is still in need of rediscovery. I hope to find more in the coming " Written by django-1 on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Monta in sella!! Figlio
Argentina (poster title): La muerte busca un hombre
France (pre-release title): Cinq pour l'or de los Quadros
France: 5 pour l'or de los quadros
Greece (transliterated title): Dipsasmenoi gia hrysafi kai aima
Japan (Japanese title): Monta in sella!! Figlio
Portugal: A Dupla Traição
Spain: Repóker de bribones
UK: The Great Chihuahua Treasure Hunt
USA: The Great Treasure Hunt
Yugoslavia (Serbian title) (poster title): Lov na Blago


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