Realme 6 pro August update - Smooth Scrolling, Deep Cleanup, Night Stand By Power Saving, OTG Switch

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This video is about Realme 6 Pro August 2020 Update. Realme started the rollout of August update for Realme 6 Pro with Built No - Realme 6 Pro August update which arrived in September 2020 comes with August Android Security Patch and has many major improvement like Deep Cleanup feature added in process manager in additional settings, Fixed the lagging issues of video recording after blurring the background and lots of optimization and issues were fixed regarding charging animation and Optimized flight mode, Bluetooth status will not be affected after flight mode is turned on, OTG Switch and Focus Mode Switch added in Status Bar, Game Space, Super nighttime standby feature, smooth scrolling feature, long-press to copy IMEI, Super Power Saving Mode, Icon Pull-down gesture feature, Realme UI Update. We missed decimal charging animation feature again in Realme 6 Pro.

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Hello Friends,
Welcome to TechScrew. I am Pushkar Parashar.
This Realme 6 Pro September 2020 update which is technically August Update of Realme 6 Pro and it comes with lots of optimization.
I mentioned the complete change log of this update below:-
# Security
Android Security Patch: August 2020 Settings
# Realme Lab
Added the Super nighttime standby feature
Added the smooth scrolling feature
# Settings
Added Super Power Saving Mode
Appended long-press to copy IMEI in the status information interface
Added Deep cleanup feature in Process Manager
Added Icon Pull-down gesture feature in launcher settings
# Status Bar
Added OTG Switch toggle to the notification panel
Added independent Switch toggles of focus mode
Optimized “Mute-Bell-Vibrate” icon state
Fixed viewing for system update prompt pop-up window
Optimized flight mode, Bluetooth status will not be affected after flight mode is turned on
Fixed Russian translation issue of the carrier in the status bar
# Calculator
Optimized the Russian translation issue of the calculator
# Lock screen
Fixed font display issue of charging animation
# Camera
Fixed the probabilistic lagging issue of video recording after blurring the background
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