Reacting to Apex Legends Season 9 Gameplay Trailer! Arenas Mode & Details From My Playtest!

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BIG VIDEO TODAY! Going over the Apex Legends Season 9 Gameplay Trailer and discussing a little bit of detail about my time playtesting Arenas mode last week. This is a long one so if you got some time, sit back, grab a drink, and watch that whole thing because this video is FILLED with info throughout. Make sure you stop back to the channel on April 29th for exclusive early gameplay footage of Arenas Mode! Captured some really awesome gameplay to share with you all! As always, be sure to like and subscribe if you enjoy the content!

Timestamps for your viewing pleasure :)
00:00 - Gameplay Trailer Reaction!
06:42 - Gameplay Trailer Breakdown!
11:05 - Patch Notes!
24:02 - Discussing Thoughts With My Chat!
26:15 - The Juicy Details of My Arenas Mode Playtest!

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