Pandit Usman | Short Film | Akram Hassan | Swanand Kirkire | Kumud Mishra | Heeba Shah

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A light-hearted human story around a 9-year-old boy amidst all the aggression and hostility
that's prevailing in our society based on colour, creed, religious affiliation etc.

When a man of particular faith undergoes a heart transplant, the new heart he receives is of
a man from another faith. Next to follow is a roller coaster ride, a comedy of error where a
man from one particular faith is enjoying the best of both worlds (religion) after his heart
transplant. Contrary to his new acquired idea of love and togetherness, people around him
look at him in contempt because of his new avatar and mixed practices.

Set in North India, Pandit Usman is interwoven around him and his 9-year-old son. A sweet
light-hearted film with ensemble cast, Pandit Usman emphasize Love & Togetherness as the
foundation of all faith and belief while celebrating a Good Healthy Heart!

Written and Directed by: Akram Hassan
Cast: Swanand Kirkire, Kumud Mishra, Ishteyak Khan, Anant Vidhaat, Heeba Shah,
Danish Husain, Kabir Sajid, Jay Upadhayay, Tushar Dalvi, Arunesh Shahi, Siddhirupa
Cinematographer: Sudip Sengupta.
Editor: Satyajeet Kelkar.
Art Direction: Mahendra Potdar
Costume: Bhagyashree.
Sound Design: Ravi Hiremath (Fireflys)
Background Score: Harpreet Singh & Hanif Sheikh.
Dialogue: Ali Nazish
Additional Dialogue: Uma Shankar Singh
Line Producers: Ashraf Ali Shah & Rajesh Garware
Hair & Make-Up: Jitu & team.
Special Thanks : Gulzar Ahmed
Song “Khush-aam-deed”
Music Director: Shantanu Moitra
Lyrics and Vocals: Swanand Kirkire
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