Pandemic, Thursday Update

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Statistically significant increase in cases in the UK

Cases, + 3,000 daily

New symptomatic cases

R =

Local and regional restrictions

Rising disproportionately in the North of England, Scotland and Wales compared to the

Back to School

Data from 198 children with positive tests

15,800 negative tests

Parents can log the health of their children, multiple profile setting

Nearly 250,000 children on the app

Under 18s who tested positive

52% don’t log cough, fever or anosmia

In the week before and after the test

Asymptomatic 33%

Fatigue 55%

Headache 53% (72%)

Fever 49%

Sore throat 38% (49%)

Loss of appetite 35%

Skin rash 15%

App’s data on adults

Loss of smell 60%

Persistent cough 54%


Amazon fires, smoke inhalation


West coast fires

30 m red flag warnings


Will be the highest numbers soon

Virus spreading, reopening

Million tests per day



Three migrant camps near Athens were placed in quarantine

Restrictions since March

35 cases since last week on Lesbos

Fires on Lesbos, Moria

Major testing and contact-tracing operation


2 cases in Syrian refugee camp

Resumed regular international flights


Karachi, 95% asymptomatic

Aga Khan University, tested 2,000

Median age 22

Polio, tuberculosis and hepatitis

Successive governments, underfunded healthcare for decades


Transverse myelitis??

Previous case? unrelated MS

Francis Collins, (NIH) abundance of caution

Science, and science alone will be the way this decision is made, otherwise I will have no part of it

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