Mortal Kombat: Oblivion Episode 1

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MORTAL KOMBAT: OBLIVION is a four part mini-series audio drama set in the Mortal Kombat universe. The story is centered around the character Noob Saibot, who is hunting down the last known survivor of the Lin Kuei clan, Jericho Zahn, to fully erase the clan from the world forever. On his journey, Saibot reluctantly accepts the help of mercenary Erron Black and comes across a village of surviving Lin Kuei that is destined to rattle Saibot's worldview. With tightly paced action, shocking revelations, and twisty storytelling, Oblivion tells the story of a spiritual journey where Saibot must face his demons, his history, and a monster that his home created, one that argues to be worse than him.

Directed, written, and edited by Forrest Bezotte
Cover created by Discord user B-Master

Kay Grayson as the Narrator and the Marketkeeper
David Sledge as Saibot, Jericho, and 'No Rules' Man
Matt the Dane as Erron Black
Cole Bezotte as Oniro
Joey Kalet as Hanzo/Scorpion
David Angus as the Barn Thieves
Steven Snyder as Bi-Han and the Old Man
Steven Briscoe as the Blacksmith
Forrest Bezotte as 'You Can't Use Magic' and the Tavern Keeper
Additional Voices done by Cole Bezotte, Hudson Paul, Matt the Dane, and Jek the Red

Co-Director: Kay Grayson
Co-written by Kay Grayson and Matt the Dane
Production Coordinator: Kay Grayson
'The Ballad Of the Lin Kuei' written and performed by David Angus

'Ghidorah Theme' owned by WaterTower Music
'Black Sky' owned by Marvel
'The WLF', 'Longing (Redemptions), and 'The Cycle of Violence' owned by Naughty Dog
'Dialogue Background Music' and 'The Hunter's Path' owned by CD Projekt Red
'This Is Redemption' and 'Beyond Ourselves owned and used with permission by Goulash Media

Mortal Kombat and its characters are the property of Warner Bros Entertainment. Please support the official release. Thank you.

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