Mortal Kombat Movie - EVERYTHING YOU MISSED! Kitana Teased, Mileena Death, Johnny Cage & MORE!

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Mortal Kombat Movie TRAILER BREAKDOWN w/ Everything You Missed! (Kitana Teased, Mileena Death, Johnny Cage & More!)
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The Mortal Kombat reboot film's trailer just dropped this morning and in this video, you'll be getting my take on pretty much EVERYTHING worth noting from the newly released trailer. For instance, we see Kitana's fans and a first look at Kabal & Nathan Jones' Reiko! Not to mention, there's even a few deaths teased, too! For what it's worth, I'll be mentioning a few things from director Todd Garner in regards to Johnny Cage, Mileena's teeth and more! Personally, this movie is shaping up to be much better than initially expected and that makes me extremely happy! Anyways, what do you all think of this? Which one of these did you like the best? Did you see all of these? Let me know! With that said, drop a like, leave a comment, and subscribe for everything MK and Mortal Kombat 11!

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