Imperator Rome 2.0 - Massive Update That Changes Everything

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The new Imperator: Rome update is here and it's huge! Check it out here: This video is sponsored by Paradox Interactive.

Imperator: Rome is finally here with the new Marius update! This massive overhaul of the game updates the user interface, introduces levies and legions, revises innovation and technology, adds over 40 new nations and substantially improves the military, pacing and feel of the game. Join me in this video where we will cover all of the major changes to Imperator: Rome in the new Marius update.

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Table of Contents:
Introduction to 0:00​​
Improved User Interface 0:45
New Mechanic: Levies 2:41
Adaptable Military Traditions: 5:12
Legions & Professional Armies 7:18
Occupation, Forts and Engineers 10:43
Redesigned Inventions & Innovations 13:07
46+ New Nations 14:39
New CBs: Legacy of Alexander 15:54
Heirs of Alexander DLC 16:52
Conclusion and Credits 19:34

All music is owned and copyrighted under their respective owners. Imperator: Rome is a grand strategy games published by Paradox Interactive. All rights reserved.

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