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New stimulus bill officially released and the details on the stimulus checks and stimulus unemployment insurance are here.

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Finally! After months and months of waiting on a new stimulus bill, the Republicans in the Senate released their stimulus proposal.

Here is what we know about the new stimulus bill:

1. New stimulus bill has a high likelihood of passing since the Republicans control the Senate.
2. New stimulus bill confirms the new stimulus checks.
3. The new stimulus bill has extended the unemployment insurance to 70% of whatever you made before you lost your job.
4. New stimulus bill has new PPP funds for businesses that lost 50% of revenue.
5. New stimulus bill full text being released very soon.

We do not know exactly when or how much the stimulus checks will be.

Also, administering the stimulus unemployment insurance of 70% of whatever you made before you lost your job is going to be hard. Unemployment offices are already super backlogged. So when they negotiate with House Democrats, perhaps this portion of the stimulus bill will be revised.

One thing is for sure: stimulus checks and unemployment insurance are confirmed as part of this stimulus bill. That means that both the Republicans and Democrats support stimulus checks and extended unemployment insurance.

All of the stimulus bill and stimulus check and pandemic unemployment insurance details were confirmed by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

What do you think of the next stimulus bill? Comment below!

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