HITMAN 2 - Improvised Ballistic Methods 17 | Silent Assassin Suit Only (Hokkaido) Loud Shotgun

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HITMAN 2 Hokkaido Japan, Improvised Ballistic Methods Contract number 17 from the series, Hokkaido Japan mission location, Silent Assassin Suit Only, loud shothun

This is the commence of a Fresh New Series of contracts where 47 will be killing multiple targets using Ballistic Methods with Silenced and Non Silenced Weapons in Hokkaido, Japan Mission , Improvised Ballistic Methods 17

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Welcome to Whittleton Creek 47, pass the challenge of Versatile Weapons Strategist with a Silent Assassin Suit Only rating.

Creator: Roy-ARJ
ID: 1-10-4978000-04

What do you think, it was challenging?, but as usual i looking forward for your opinion in a comment below ;)

HITMAN 2 Hokkaido Silent Assassin Suit Only Improvised Ballistic Methods 17 ,Japan mission

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