"BIGGER!!”: Second Stimulus Check Update [10/12] Monday | 2nd Stimulus Check (Stimulus Package)

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This is your Second Stimulus Check update, stimulus package update, and stimulus check 2 update as of Monday, October 12th for the new stimulus bill. This video covers the second stimulus package, the stimulus update, and the new stimulus package. ✅Join The Power Of Finance Investor Group:

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In a letter to House Democrats sent Saturday, Pelosi called the administration's proposal presented on Friday "one step forward, two steps back" in their negotiations but said she would "remain hopeful" both sides could come to a deal. And then on Sunday, Pelosi told House Democrats, "we remain at an impasse" on stimulus negotiations until both sides were able to work out the total amount of funding to fight the pandemic and a virustesting plan, among other provisions. She goes on to say in the letter that “this past week, the president demonstrated very clearly that he has not taken the war against the virus seriously, personally or nationally.” Pelosi explained how “this attitude is reflected in the grossly inadequate proposal She and House Democrats finally received from the administration on Saturday,” with the $ bill.

On Sunday afternoon, Mnuchin and White House Chief Staff Mark Meadows wrote a letter urging members of Congress to pass legislation to authorize the repurposing of unused funds from a loan forgiveness program. They explained how “The all-or-nothing approach is an unacceptable response to the American people," and Nancy Pelosi needs to be willing to budge. The letter says how “the back-and-forth over stimulus comes as many of the benefits previously approved by Congress have already run out, the $600 federal boost to unemployment benefits ran out in July, and a loan forgiveness program for small businesses expired. So basically, Mnuchin and Mark Meadows wrote this letter to call on lawmakers to pass legislation to redirect unused funding from a small-business lifeline in the Cares Act. They explained how “now is the time for us to come together and immediately vote on a bill to allow us to spend the unused Paycheck Protection Program funds while we continue to work toward a comprehensive package.” And finally the letter goes on to say how “Mnuchin and Meadows will continue to try to work with Speaker Pelosi and Senator [Chuck] Schumer on coming to an agreement”.

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” White House Economic Adviser, Larry Kudlow said that Treasury secretary Mnuchin could offer more than the $ trillion package the House passed earlier this month. Kudlow explained how “Secretary Mnuchin is up to $ trillion, so the bid and the offer is narrowing somewhat between the two sides.” He goes on to say that “President Trump actually has always said ... as far as the key elements are concerned, the checks, the unemployment assistance, the small-business assistance — we have got to help airlines out — he would go further and spend more”. So, Kudlow added “I think Secretary Mnuchin, who is a very good negotiator, will be carrying the president’s message and may go bigger and offer even more”. He finished off baby that that while a stimulus deal isn’t essential to the recovery from the pandemic, “he doesn’t think it’s dead at all,” and that ultimately he “thinks some targeted assistance would go a long way right now.”

In an interview Sunday with Fox News, Trump said of stimulus negotiations that ”Republicans want to do it and pass a bill, but they are having a hard time with Nancy Pelosi. Trump goes on to say that right now “We're ready to go. We're all ready to go. We can't get Nancy Pelosi to sign the documents,"

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