BARBiE MOViNG DAY!! Dream House Makeover! new neighborhood & swimming pool! play pretend with Adley

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we invited our new neighbors to a dreamhouse party!

This is an #ad​ for Mattel.

HEY EVERYBODY!! Today is MOVING DAY! I just got a package from Barbie, she sent me a new dreamhouse! So first we packed up all of our stuff from our old dreamhouse, loaded it in my Barbie car, and drove to to the new house. I was super shocked to see the new dreamhouse, it looked like a mansion! We started to unload all of our stuff but we got a bit distracted when we saw that it wasn't only a mansion but it was a SLIDE mansion, and the slide went into the backyard pool! After we played in the pool for a while we had to get back to work! While me and dad unloaded more stuff, mom made us some healthy snacks. Then we decided that after we decorated the house we would have the whole neighborhood come over for a surprise party! I went and invited all of our neighbors about the party. When my friends showed up we all played a game of hide and seek! When it started to get dark we went upstairs to the party room, the house was the perfect size to fit all of our family and friends! To end the night we all danced on the dance floor with a disco ball and party lights! I had such a fun time moving to a new neighborhood and meeting all of my new friends!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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