9.0 Enhancement Shaman PvP Guide - How to Play Enhancement Shaman - WoW Shadowlands 9.0.2

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You've asked for it, and new its here! The Enhancement Shaman PvP Guide you've been waiting for shows you how to play Enhancement Shaman pvp in Enhancement Shaman pvp!! I jumped back into Enhancement Shaman PvP with this brand new shadowlands Enhancement Shaman pvp guide, and I hope you all find it useful for your own shadowlands Enhancement Shaman pvp adventures!
Time Markers
0:00 Introduction
1:11 Enhancement Shaman Overview
3:40 Stat priority
6:10 Talents
10:21 PvP Talents
13:31 Covenant Choices
18:04 Soulbinds
23:02 Legendary Options
26:52 Burst Rotation
33:22 Utility Options
36:14 Sustain Rotation
My passion for shaman pvp came in quickly after the pre-patch in October and it made me want to make this how to play enhancement shaman video for you all!! Overall enhancement shaman guide is all about maximizing damage in a very short period of time with all cds and buffs up. enhancement shaman therefor comes with squishiness and a lot of self-healing that can be used instead of damaging abilities. This enhancement shaman guide should explain the setup of the class and how to use it!

enhancement shaman, and enhancement shaman pvp are therefor pretty balanced when it comes to equal fights. The person with more skill will more likely win and this enhancement shaman pvp guide should allow you to be THAT person! The enhancement shaman pvp guide should help you and your team get more victories and more fun in your games!

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